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Tropical Fruit Food SL (TFF) is a company that was born in December 1993 under the leadership of Ángel Sánchez Borrego, an experienced professional in the Food, Import-Export sector and a great promoter of the presence of canned pineapple in the National market. Initially, TFF was established as a family business, and has since grown and evolved in the market.

The company emerged as an alternative to the traditional business model in the sector, which depended mainly on national importers and sometimes lacked transparency for buyers regarding the origin processes. That is why TFF is based on a representation model instead of a buy-sell model. Our approach promotes the exchange of knowledge between clients and suppliers, fostering collaboration and a common interest that is based on long-term relationships. In this sense, Tropical Fruit Food SL (TFF) acts as a coordinator between customers and suppliers.

Tropical Fruit Food is developed under this model of representation and collaboration, establishing exclusive agreements with manufacturers from different continents, as well as at a national level. We always strive to offer our customers as many alternatives as possible, with different varieties and origins, complying with internationally recognized and accredited quality and service standards.

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Throughout the years, the fundamental structure of the company has remained familiar, enriched by the contribution of all those who have been or are part of the TFF family. We value and appreciate the contribution of each member, as we believe that their dedication and commitment have been fundamental to the growth and success of the company.

At Tropical Fruit Food SL (TFF), we are proud of our history and we are committed to continue offering quality products and establishing solid relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our goal is to be a trusted and preferred option in the market, providing a wide variety of fruit options and exceptional service.

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